Sri Lanka’s 8 Jungle Stays Would Make You Want to Pack Your Bags Now!

Sri Lanka's 8 Jungle Stays Would Make You Want to Pack Your Bags Now!

Most times, the idea of going away on a holiday is to escape the hustle and bustle of the city one lives in. For some, relaxing by the beach, reading a book while sun kisses the skin is an ideal break.For others, being amidst trees, getting lost in a jungle, listening to the birds chirping and breathing in the fresh air would do justice to the break. If you fit the latter, this post is for you. Here is a roundup of the best jungle stays to check out if Sri Lanka is in the travel plan. Hope your bags are ready!

Ella Jungle Resort, Ella Tarzan and Jane would have loved this place and probably called it, home. Spread out over 150 acres and surrounded by jungles, waterfalls and mountain streams, this specialty stay is for the ones who really want to disconnect with the modern day lifestyle. Enjoy the outdoor showers, watch monkeys in their natural habitat and just be. Incredible isn’t it? Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, Buttala This hidden gem is off the beaten track and provides real experience of staying in the jungle. With no electricity and meals prepared the native style on wood fire, this eco-lodge is just 6 kms away from Yala. Witness elephant’s including tuskers up close, wandering in their habitat – eating, roaming, trumpeting, while you sit and sip on some coffee. No Instagram to put up a picture just yet. That can wait till you go back home. Heritance Kandalama This premier 5 star accommodation doesn’t need selling. A luxury hotel that isn’t built to stand out but blend in with nature, monkeys pay to your balcony as if they are climbing trees in the jungle. An architectural masterpiece by the late Geoffrey Bawa, this hotel sits at the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, close to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Rain Forest Eco lodge, Deniyaya If adventure is what you seek, this lodge has it covered from the word go. Right from the path to reach this unique accommodation, which contains 9 tight hairpin bends with stunning views in all directions, to rooms made from recycled shipping containers that are surprisingly comfortable combined with fascinating walks in the rainforest to witness unique wildlife such as the purple faced leaf monkeys, blue magpie and giant millipedes, this remote eco stay is a gratifying experience. To continue reading this article, visit Ichiqoo Blog