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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and it has everything you expect from it. Bangkok is exciting, colorful, crowded, infuriating, and noisy. All these features collectively add a smile at your face and provide you one of the best experiences of your life. Maybe you find it overwhelming, but this representative of Southeast Asia is fascinating also. It has ancient sites and Temples with a modern touch of style that has kitschy yet high-end ambiance.

The top attractions of Bangkok are:

History lovers should visit the Grand Palace:

Its spectacular structure puts the decent modern monarchs into a shame. It was the royal residence for generations, and now it is used for accommodating the head of states and for important ceremonies. It is a half-day sightseeing tour, and it is recommended to dress up modestly during the visit to Grand Palace.

Wat Pho:

This temple is located immediately south of the Grand Palace and was built by King Rama I. This oldest temple of Bangkok was famous centuries ago as a place of healing and for its Pharmacy and as Thailand’s first university established by King Rama III.

Wat Arun:

Wat Arun is the temple of Dawn and it is the place where General Taksin built his private Chapel and royal palace. Climbing to the top rewards you with an unforgettable view of sun set. Even if you don’t climb, sunset reveals the original glory of this place.

National Museum and Wang Na Palace:

To witness the ancient, contemporary, and fascinating history of the country visit to the National Museum and Wang Na Palace is a must. You can see here weaponry, regalia, ceramics, religious and ceremonial artifacts, musical instruments, and the throne of Viceroy. Here is also an incredibly impressive collection of Buddha figures arranged according to period.

Temple of the Golden Buddha:

This Golden Buddha was coated in plaster, and in the 1950s, some monks removed the coating and a 3.5 meter Buddha cast from 5.5 tons of solid gold revealed. No one knows how it came to Bangkok, but here it stands and offers admiration to visitors from all over the world.

Experience floating market:

Damnoen Saduak is a famous floating market in Ratchaburi and is nicknamed as ‘’’Venice of the East’’. This market is now highly touristic enterprises, so there is no chance of exclusive shopping in the boat, but you can buy fresh and delicious food here.

Terminal 21:

It is not an airport, but this shopping mall is one of the best destinations in Bangkok. Every floor of this mall is themed to a different international city. From Paris to Tokyo and from London to San Francisco and Istanbul, you can enjoy beautiful themes of this mall.