What are the green card requirements for Turkish citizens?

The number of passages from Turkey for the green card lottery, formally known as the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery, expanded to 204,729 of every 2018 from 137,146 out of 2016, information from the United States Department of State appears.

  • The comparing figure was 170,370 of every 2017.
  • Counting subordinates, the all outnumber of candidates from Turkey remained at 406,929 this year versus 316,226 of every 2017 and up from 245,493 out of 2016.
  • Under the DV-2017 program, 2,186 individuals from Turkey won the lottery. This figure expanded to 4,390 under the DV-2018 lottery, while with respect to the DV-2016 program the comparing number was 1,795.
  • As indicated by the data on the U.S. Branch of State’s site, candidates enlisted for the DV-2018 program were chosen aimlessly from 14,692,258 qualified passages (23,088,613 with subsidiaries).
  • The State Department announced an aggregate of 12,437,190 qualified passages (19,344,586 with subordinates) for the DV-2017 program.
  • The U.S. Government makes 50,000 assorted variety visas or “green cards” accessible every year.

Green Card through the Green Card Lottery:

The least difficult approach to get a Green Card is through the Greencard Basvuru. The U.S. Division of State parts with 55,000 Green Cards through the Diversity Visa Program each year. Despite the fact that a considerable measure of karma is required, this way is the most accessible to those hoping to make their fantasy about living in the USA work out as expected. Individuals in each taking an interest nation have a reasonable opportunity to win since no nation gets over 7% of the complete Green Cards.

Getting one of these profoundly looked for after inhabitant allows through the Green Card Lottery is simple. All you should do is apply to take an interest in the drawing that happens each year. The American Dream is the biggest Green Card counseling organization worldwide and gives a wide scope of thorough administrations, particularly in all issues concerning the Green Card Lottery. In the event that you are one of the 55,000 yearly fortunate victors, you reserve the option to apply for a Green Card and immigrate to the USA.

Green Card Facts:

  • A green card doesn’t mean citizenship. In any case, you might be qualified to apply for US citizenship in the wake of holding green card status for a specific timeframe.
  • The green card isn’t given forever. It is for a particular period, which is regularly for a long time. You have to revalidate it after that breaking point.
  • You should meet certain conditions so as to keep up the green card status.
  • You will naturally lose your green card status on the off chance that you remain outside the US for more than one consistent year.
  • You should record US Federal assessment forms alongside any appropriate state or nearby government forms. According to movement laws, perpetual inhabitants who neglect to submit assessment forms may have their lasting occupant status renounced.