10 Instagram-Worthy Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in Batam

For many Singaporeans, one of the best ways to have a quick but satisfying holiday is to visit Batam to the south. It’s the largest city in the Indonesian province of Riau Islands, easily reachable through a one-hour ferry ride from Harbourfront or Tanah Merah ferry terminal.

Aside from being accessible, Batam is also full of attractions that cater to all kinds of travellers. Whether you’re adventurous or laid-back, with plenty of pocket money or with a limited budget, a Batam tour package will certainly give you more bang for your buck. Batam also has a lot picture-perfect spots. If you’re the kind of tourist who loves taking photos of everything and anything, this city is a great choice for a holiday. Here are just a few examples of Instagrammable places and experiences in Batam.

Batam Miniature House

Do you love all things cute? How about miniatures and small-scale models? You’ll love Batam Miniature House, which is filled with smaller versions of traditional houses from Indonesia. It’s like touring Indonesia and experiencing different facets of their culture all in one place. There’s also a pathway to take you around the park, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Definitely a must-visit!

Ranoh Island

For those who want to try camping but aren’t really prepared for the demands of the great outdoors, an alternative is glamping. It’s a popular activity in Bali, but you can also give it a try in Batam at Ranoh Island. It has fine-textured sand and crystal blue waters that would look gorgeous in pictures. Of course, the highlight is glamping on the beach. Surrounded by swaying palm trees and the sound of the waves, you’re sure to have the comfiest experience in your sun tent.

Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge is the most iconic landmark in Batam. It’s a chain of different kinds of bridges, linking Batam, Rempang, and Galang Islands. A lot of tourists visit Barelang Bridge not just to cross it but also to take pictures. In fact, there’s even a platform at the Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge that’s specifically constructed for tourists to take selfies and photos of the surroundings.

Bintan Island

Want to escape the busy city centre? Head on over to the beautiful retreat that is Bintan Island. It’s just a short ferry ride away from Batam or you can even go straight here from Singapore. There are plenty of luxury resorts in Bintan Island, boasting of fine white sand and beautiful blue waters. If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply go on a day trip to swim, sunbathe, and take some photos of the gorgeous views.

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple

Visiting the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple will put a smile on your face. This temple, one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, is dedicated to Maitreya or the laughing Buddha. You’ll definitely want to snap a photo or two of Buddha’s smiling visage. Just remember that it’s still a place of worship, so make sure to follow proper protocol.

Nongsa Beach

Another popular destination in Batam is Nongsa Beach. Aside from the hotels and resorts here that offer top-notch dining options, water sports and activities, and pampering treatments, Nongsa Beach is also famous for its great views. The sunset is particularly spectacular, as is the glimpse of the Singaporean cityscape. For extra-special photos, visit at night to see Singapore’s twinkling lights against the inky black sky. An Instagrammable shot, for sure.

Lee’s Cafe & Bar

There are cat cafes, dog cafes, and even bird and rabbit cafes! However, have you experienced a teddy bear cafe yet? At Lee’s Cafe and Bar, you can sit and cuddle with teddy bears and other stuffed animals as you sip your coffee and have some cake. It’s definitely a cute experience, almost like being transported to your childhood when you played tea time with your own toys.

Freshbeer Batam

When you think of beer colours, you probably imagine the usual earth-tone shades like honey or dark brown. However, did you know that beer can also be red or even green? You can drop by Freshbeer Batam, the first microbrewery in the island, to know more about beer and how it can have different colours. One photo upload on social media and your friends will surely be curious! Don’t forget to sample Freshbeer’s wide range of beer flavours.

Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga

Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga is a recreational park that pays tribute to former Indonesian president B.J. Habibie. His short stay in office marked the Reformation Era in Indonesia, and this park was named in his honour. As its name suggests, Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga has a total of a thousand steps around the park. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, this park has plenty of picture-perfect spots. Make sure to take some at the cliffside beach and the treehouse.

Batam Golf Courses

Batam has a total of seven world-class golf courses. Many consider Padang Golf Sukajadi and Tering Bay Golf and Country Club as the top contenders for the “best,” but the others are also quite gorgeous. These golf courses are all maintained to meet international tournament standards, so you can expect everything to be perfectly manicured, ready for pictures at any time. Don’t just limit yourself to photos, though. Why not swing a club and test your golfing prowess, too?

Ready for your vacation in Batam? Pack your bags and don’t forget your camera to take lots of beautiful photos!