Surfing at Flow Rider – Surf Safe

Surfing at Flow Rider - Surf Safe

Thailand is a country with a diversity of attractions for everyone. So for those who want to enjoy the crashing waves of the sea and do a bit of surfing or wakeboarding but still wants to be safe and not really get in the sea, Flow Rider is definitely the place to go to. Though the country is well known for its beaches, one no longer needs beaches, winds and crashing waves to surf, because at Flow Rider all these conditions can be artificially created allowing those who are keen to surf try it out in the best possible conditions. Located in the heart of the capital, Bangkok, Flow Rider is a beach club which has artificially simulated waves on which both the young and the young at heart can enjoy a bit of wave riding and enjoy the year round sunshine and cool off. The great thing about this setting is that for a few hundred bhats surfers can get one full hour of surfing along with about seven others and the team members are encouraged by the others in the team and the staff are always on the watch with helpful tips and assistance to improve the techniques and posture while holiday makers learn the ropes of the sport. This is definitely a fun activity and a great chance for those who have always wanted to learn this sport but was scared to learn the sport in the sea. This can definitely be a way to start though it is not really the same as real surfing. Seasoned surfers are sure to understand how this is done within a couple of rides while those who are new to it can be sure to learn it in a safe setting and let go of all fears. What is more, there are also pools, kids, swimming pools, bars serving hot dogs, burgers, beer, milkshakes and cocktails so that surfers can grab a quick bite too after a session. For families as well as groups of friends who come to Thailand on holiday and staying at Sukhumvit apartments, this is definitely a place to go to have a good time. It can be easily accessed from many apartment accommodation in Bangkok such as Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok.