Blockchain & Exvisa- mutual effort towards the seamless passenger journey

Imagine a scenario where all the administration is managed by the human and machine contact for courtesy, assistance, and exception. These are called smart data services in which everything is connected. This is an ideal image to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience to the passengers. Capabilities are already emerging and now airports have started exploring them.

Blockchain is the technology that is going to make it all possible. Blockchain is related to the seamless passenger’s journey. The reliability of a seamless vision is on continued evolution and exploitation of a bunch of technologies. The increased automation services like passport gates and self bag drop machines are so much familiar in airport terminals today and routine agent involvement is being reduced by biometrics. Although, for now, these services are relatively high friction blockchain is successfully going to manage identity.


The CEO of Mr. Tolga Akcay is a true visionary, who has adopted the blockchain technology to establish Exvisa. The aim of Exvisa is the successful digitization of human passport and visa to streamline the entire process of emigration, immigration, and relocation.

The blockchain is inherently secure, and with self-sovereignty, it will be even better. Tolga Akcay has setup Exvisa to ensure a more helpful and quick process of immigration that will stop illegal travel documentation and will assist immigration authorities to work more progressively. Exvisa is not about a protective system of a state or country, but the decentralization of this technology enhances the role of Exvisa as international security to protect regions, states, and countries.

The cryptonization of an individual’s data before entering into any blockchain will ensure travelers to be carefree about the security and protection of their sensitive data. By cryptonizing the data Exvisa not only blocks the chance of data hacking, but it also ensures that the data of an individual, along with the states and companies who will review it, must be kept safe and secure. This blockchain visa and passport will be surely a game-changer for the travel industry and immigration authorities. The replicated ledger of blockchain’s will synchronized, and shared among multiple parties, will be the strong fit for the seamless journey.

Tolga Akcay has taken this initiative to facilitate the immigrants also. The intelligent and smart system of Exvisa will allow authorities, companies, and countries to select candidates on what they have to offer. The available information about the skill set and relevant qualifications will help immigrants to live a better future based on their skill set. The ultimate end goal of this technology belongs to no one organization or country, but government legislation, global standards, and industry collaborations need to combine to allow regions and countries to exploit this innovative technology to create interoperable propositions.

There are so many challenges to face for blockchain and Exvisa technology, but now the story has begun and it’s being driven enthusiastically by Tolga Akcay to bring positive changes in this world.